About Us

Established in 2019, 1335 Clothing Co. mission is to produce a colorful catalog of premium apparel for fashion junkies and casual shoppers without "breaking the bank". All men, women, and kids reserve the right to wear our brand regardless of ethnicity, age, gender, sexual preference, or finances. It is our goal to create a brand dedicated to confidence building and cultural diversity with colorful depictions, expressive designs and high quality garments. All operations and artwork featured on this site has been curated, inspired, altered and/or created by fashion enthusiast Phoenix Mars. 1335 Clothing Co. is currently an online retailer based in New York City.
1335 Clothing Co. was founded by Brooklyn native Phoenix Mars. Initially 1335 Clothing was created due to the skyrocketing resale value of 'hype beast' labeled apparel. Phoenix began creating custom graphic tees and hoodies for personal use. Only after receiving countless compliments and order inquiries from complete strangers he decide to take his hobby to the next level. 
When asked what does "1335" mean?
A simple reply would be:
"1335 Where It's Live!"